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jezzaxmegan asked: hi my name is jezza!!!can I please have an imagine about finn and jack where like I'm both of third bffs but they knew that both of them like me but jack asks finn to help him get me and he like agrees even thought it breaks his heart ?

SOOOO immensely sorry for this taking like literally forever. I can’t even imagine how long you’ve been in my inbox. :( but, on the bright side, here’s your imagine!! (: <3

Jack’s POV

I laughed for what felt like the millionth time as she said something hilarious. We were sitting by the fire. We as in me, Finn, Jezza, and some other friends. I finally calmed down, and watched as Jezza kept telling her story. Her eyes glistened with happiness as she talked about her trip with her family. 

I wonder what it would be like to cuddle her at night before we went to sleep. To whisper how much I loved her in her ear. To hug her from behind unexpectedly. Or to be able to actually show her all of my affection.

I shook out of my daydream, realizing that her story was over and some guy had started one of his own. I looked over at her, to see her already looking at me. She quickly looked back at the guy, a blush creeping upon her cheeks. I bit my bottom lip, and looked at my feet. 

I looked up at Finn, nodding my head back to indicate him to walk over to me. He made his way over, and I began to get butterflies in my stomach just thinking about her again. 

"Listen Finn. I really like Jezza, and I think I’m going to ask her out on a date. Do you think that would be a good idea?" I asked. 

"Yeah, yeah. I guess so.." Finn said, attempting to smile but failing.

"What’s wrong? You okay, bro?" I asked, putting my hand on his shoulder.

"Yeah. I’m fine." He nodded, and walked away. 

Finn’s POV

As soon as those words came out of Jack’s mouth, my stomach instantly dropped. I never really told anyone, but I liked Jezza. A lot.. Jack obviously likes her as well, and I don’t know what to do… I was going to ask her to go out somewhere with me, tonight actually, but now that Jack is going to, my opportunity is already gone. I know she likes him, so I guess it’s a good thing the feeling is mutual. I just wish she would like me instead… 

I guess I’m going to help my brother out, no matter how much it will hurt me to see her be taken away from me by my own brother. I know she wasn’t mine, but I still don’t want to see her with anyone else… 

"Hey, Jack. Come here." I called, knowing exactly how he should ask her out. He doesn’t really pay attention to the small things like I do… Another reason she should be with me, but it’s whatever. 

"Yeah?" He said once he approached.

"Don’t do it tonight. You need to go out and get her a dozen of roses. Next, go to the doughnut shop at the corner of Main Street, and get a half dozen of doughnuts with "Will you go out with me?" written on them." I said. 

"That’s perfect. Good thinking. Thanks bro." He said, slapping my arm before going back over to Jezza. I smiled at her as we made eye contact, her sending a smile back. I watched as Jack went over and kissed her on the cheek, and I instantly wished that was me instead of him… 

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I’m such a horrible person, I am so sorry I haven’t been doing the imagines. Wow… 510 followers though. Thank you guys! I know I say I’m going to do them, but I’ve been going through my freshman year of high school, and it’s been pretty busy. I may not even get free time until we get out of school, but I promise I will try to find some free time to do the imagines. I mean it this time. I do feel so bad, and I apologize a million times.I appreciate that you guys haven’t been angry with me though. Thank you for baring with me. 


Kiana xx

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You guys probably hate me for not doing your imagines, but I’ve been super busy and my computer is messed up again. :(
- Kiana x

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roamingdesire-deactivated201312 asked: Hi! (: my name is Morgan and I was wondering if when you got a chance you could make me an imagine with Finny? Could it be Finn and I making a video on JacksGap without Jack knowing? Thank you in advance :D

 You were at your boyfriend Finn’s house, and were completely bored. Finn’s phone went off, signaling he got a text. 

'Jack: Leaving house to go to the store. Be back later.' 

"Jack just left the house. What do you wanna do now?" Finn asked, looking at you as you spun around in his computer chair. His toes wiggled as he thought, scrolling through his phone. 

"I know!" you said, the devilish grin coming upon your face. 

"What?" Finn asked.

"Let’s make a video on Jack’s Youtube page, upload it, and see if he ever finds it." You said, giggling already. Finn grinned as well, and you both moved over to Jack’s room. 

"Hi everyone, as you know, I’m Finn. This is my lovely girlfriend, Morgan." He introduced you, and you waved. 

"Hey guys! While Jack just left the house, we got bored, so we decided to upload a video to see if he ever finds it." You grinned. 

"Anyway, would you guys like to see Jack’s room? Like, it all?" Finn asked as he showed the whole room. 

"It’s a total pig sty over there where he never shows!" Finn laughs, and you laugh as well. 

"Here’s his underwear drawer. Look, piggy undies." Finn laughs, picking them up. You cackle at this, and Finn gets it on camera. 

"Finn, please edit that out." You whine as he sits back down.

"No. It’s cute." He says as he taps your nose.

"You’re cute." You say as you kiss his cheek.

"You’re cuter." He says as he kisses you softly. 

"Definitely not editing this out…" Jack says as he stands in the doorway. You jump, not expecting him to be there. 

"When did you get back?" Finn asked, spinning around in the chair.

"Like, five minutes ago." Jack says as he takes the camera.

"Sorry guys that you had to see this." He says and shuts it down. 


Sorry for the wait. :( But, there you go love (: 

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jaaacksgapfinn-deactivated20140 asked: Would you write an imagine in which Finn and Jack are my best friends and they both fall in love with me? thank you so much :)x

You were laying in bed scrolling through tumblr when you got an unexpected text from Finn. 

'Hey love. Come over today?' 

You replied back quickly, ‘Sure thing. Be over in 30.’ 

You ran to your bathroom to get ready. 


As you arrived on Finn’s front porch, the front door swung open. You saw a tall, handsome boy standing in front of you, smiling very happily. 

"Hi, love. How are you today?" He asked as he enveloped you in his strong arms. Your arms snake around his waist as you inhale his scent.

"I’m good. You?" You replied as you exhaled.

"I’m good now that you’re here." He said and you felt a small blush creep on your cheeks. He stopped hugging you, but never moved his hands off of you as he arm was slung around your neck. He took you upstairs to his room, where Jack was filming. 

"JACK. Why are you in my room?" Finn questioned, and Jack turned around and a smile immediately came upon his lips as he saw you. 

"Uhh, i don’t know. I guess I’ll leave now." He said as he took his camera out of Finn’s room, but hooked his arm with you, making you walk backwards with Jack. 

"Umm, no. She’s here with me." Finn said, grabbing your hand and tugging you his way. 

"I don’t care, I want her now." Jack said, tugging you his way.

"GUYS. I’m not a dog toy, you can’t tug me both ways. You’re going to need to learn how to share." You reply, holding your hands up to both of them. 

"But… I love you." Finn and Jack said simultaneously. They both looked at each other at the same time, then to you. This was the hard decision. Which do I pick? 


There you go love! Sorry for such a long wait… :( 

Enjoy :D 

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vazhappenin12 asked: Hey... I love when your name you know why? Cause my name is Keiana. But also cause its cool too. So you can talk to me anytime. I'm always here. Thnx

Ahh! How cool! Kiana & Keiana. Lets be besties. Hehe ;D 

But thanks love, Im here if you need to talk also! 

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